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About me
& making it About YOU.


My name is Kate Sullivan (Sully), owner, lead photographer, editor, storyteller, & professional hype woman of Kate Sully Photography, LLC.


I started this business in 2022, with a passion for the arts & telling stories, & helping others embrace themselves to the fullest.

My mission is to spread & capture self-love & acceptance, intimacy & romance, creativity, & connection.

I specialize in women's & couples' Boudoir, Creative Portraits, Weddings, & Elopements, & my editing style is warm, romantic, & natural. My boudoir studio is in Euclid, OH, & I primarily service the greater NE Ohio area, but I am always willing to travel!


Here’s a little bit more about me~

I spent a lot of time in my teens and college years traveling the world, but I've lived in Ohio pretty much my whole life. I am married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, Christian Sullivan, and we are that obnoxiously in-love couple (sorry, not sorry)! We're dog parents to a couple of hounds, and he is also KSP's wedding videographer! We love working together and with other couples, celebrating love.


In my free time, I love going on nature walks / hikes (huge nature lover and “look at the sky!” kinda gal right here), going to amusement parks, spending time with my husband, dogs, and friends, and relaxing with music, yoga, art, books, etc… I’ve always been a huge fine arts enthusiast and generally creative person throughout my life, playing multiple instruments, performing in different theatre roles, singing, dancing, modeling, learning to paint, and more, spending time at an arts school in Chicago, getting certified in yoga, and eventually getting my MFA in creative writing.

As much as I love all the arts, storytelling and emotion have always been central to that love. As a former dancer and yoga instructor who’s modeled as much as I have and loves photos as much as I do, especially for their emotional, storytelling, and memory-holding aspects… well, I’m not surprised I’ve fallen in love with photography, too! 


And it's not just about me... a huge part of the reason I fell in love with photography is YOU!

I fall in love with each one of my clients, I swear. I don’t care if it's cheesy to say, either, because it's true! I LOVE getting to meet new people, create art and share ideas with them, and I learn new things from every person I work with. I absolutely love connecting with other humans and helping them accept and love themselves to the fullest.

And with boudoir as my main niche, can I just say… I am OBSESSED with being a professional hype woman for others through this art form, empowering women and couples to feel that self-love, embrace their bodies, sexuality, and creativity, and seeing that look in a client’s eyes when they go from nervous to confident during a shoot, sharing with them those photos and session memories that create the joy and healing and power that modeling has given me.


I love every one of you and truly think everyone deserves to have professional, personal, and creative photo session experiences throughout love nd life, to really FEEL themselves, embrace themselves, and have that photographic reminder forever to stay Bold and Bravely YOU.


I’m a big believer that everyone deserves to have photographic experiences and memories like these. That’s why I strive to offer accessible rates & payment plans, & provide digital photo collections and/or prints with every package. I’m also aware that some of these styles of photography require a lot of vulnerability and/or trust, & I promise that respect, mutual collaboration & creativity, & client comfortability & satisfaction are my top priorities.


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