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The Couple's Guide For Healthy Romance & Happy Relationships

Hello lovers!

man and woman kissing on a dock at sunset
Image taken by Kate Sully Photography, llc at Mentor Headlands Marsh

It's time for a big announcement...

You probably already know that I am a boudoir, portrait, and wedding photographer for women and couples, with a big focus on promoting self-love and acceptance, intimacy, and romance! With all of that in mind, I wanted to offer something in addition to photo and video services and prints to encourage and assist with that nurturing of intimacy, romance, and overall connection for couples out there. I LOVE love and want it to take over the world in the BEST WAY possible.

front cover of KSP's Couple's Guide for Healthy Romance and Happy Relationships

Thus, my Couple's Guide for

Healthy Romance & Happy Relationships

has been born!

This thorough, 40-page PDF guide will remain here and available in my online shop as a FREE downloadable for you!

It's full of advice and tools for couples on how to better love themselves and each other, bring them closer together, and keep the “honeymoon” phase going long after the beginning of the relationship. Perfect for couples, but even if you're single, you will certainly still find this guide contains things to keep in mind about loving yourself as well as a partner, and may be the perfect guide for making your next relationship thrive! Some of this info can also be applied to friendships and family relationships, like some of my tips on communication and support! Overall, this Guide aims to promote healthier and happier relationships, with a discussion centered on romantic couples.

man and woman in love cuddling on a dock under trees at golden hour
Image taken by KSP at Mentor Headlands Marsh

My husband, Christian, and I have been a couple since 2012, and have only gotten closer and fallen more in love every year, especially since getting married in 2020. Are we perfect people? No, of course not. But, we do have a healthy, extremely happy and loving marriage, and loads of people always telling us we are “couple goals,” asking for our advice, or commenting on how happy and perfect we are TOGETHER. Just the other day, we got told by someone at the grocery store how we absolutely radiate love and happiness together (which, sidebar, almost made me cry, thanks kind lady!) and everyone who knows us knows we're always smiling and laughing together.

And while I don’t believe in perfection, I do believe in love, and making it last, and I know we have a VERY solid foundation and good advice to offer.

So with the help of my husband, Christian (aka KSP’s lead videographer), lots of therapy, even more romance novels, and my MFA in writing as well as my own experience and heart, I have crafted this guide, focused on five main themes of healthy and happy love - communication, support, intimacy, fun, and romance.

preview of pages from Kate Sully Photography's Couple's Guide for Healthy romance and Happy Relationships

I hope you check it out and find it helpful, and know we’re rooting for you!

~ stay bold and bravely YOU. ~


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